15. November 2016

My concierge service

“The desires of other people are my pleasure”
The fantasy of human beings is unlimited… however the options are sometimes limited.
As a concierge, it’s my duty to broaden your own personal options individually.
During my up until now fifteen year career as a concierge, of which I had the opportunity of working eight years as the head concierge in one of the “Leading Hotels of the World” in Munich, I’ve gotten acquainted with all varieties of life and most importantly, I’ve learned how to react adequately and constructively to make the life of my guests more comfortable, simpler, or utterly secure.
As a longtime member of the sophisticated association „Les clefs d’Or“, the worldwide association of concierge employees, which only the most experienced and highest performing concierges in the world are invited to join, I have been able to build up my own worldwide network of excellent funding agencies and decision makers in all business sectors. It is my passion to be able to associate with, connect, and, thanks to the unique talents of each and every one of these people, to make virtually unrealizable wishes come true.
Imagine that you have a wish or desire. You let me know of your desire, as plain or as fancy as it may be.
With certainty that you could not have made a better decision to try to make your wishes come true, you can sit back and relax.
With all my personal capabilities and talents, my worldwide network, and my unique prospects, I am at your duty to enthuse you.
As my guest, you will enjoy special privileges, you will witness true discretion, straightforward trustfulness, and absolute professionality. To protect their own identities, members of international dynasties and celebrities confide their private as well as business related desires to me.
If you’re looking for a extraordinary property, but you don’t want to or can’t afford to make a public appearance, whether you need research done for you, you want to know that the people who are most dear to you are well taken care of, or you need a personal assistance on business trips, to be able to prepare yourself for your endeavors in the best possible way.
All of these functions belong to my scope of duties as well as booking of trips or the organization of a completely perfect evening.
your concierge
Heidi Velz